Behemoth - Abyssus Abyssum InvocatOut now on Metal Blade, the latest Behemoth release, “Abyssus Abyssum Invocat” delivers that true heavy sound everyone has come to love. Although, it is a compilation of earlier EP’s “Conjuration” and “Slaves Shall Serve”, this release is still a must for fans. Most of the news recently has chronicled Nergal’s struggle with cancer and it is really great to him pulling through and looking as strong as ever, and also to see new albums coming out and rehearsals being held. Behemoth has been such a force in metal and new material, even re-releases has to be good sign.

One of the most intriguing songs on this release is their cover of ‘Wish’ by Nine Inch Nails. The most recent cover of this song has been by STEMM on Blood Scent and it was truly great to see this re-master track find its way back to the public. This has always been a great song and will also be a great song. The inclusion of the live tracks on the original EP and on this new release demonstrates that sheer talent of Behemoth.

A measure of a band is to listen to their live tracks and their performance on the live tracks can often separate the good from the bad. There are vast tools in a studio to improve a sound and a lot less tricks live to achieve this so a bands live sound is one measure of talent. The Venom and Danzig covers were good when released on the EP and just as good, if not better now. It is great to see a dark and blackened approach to these metal tunes.

Re-masters are a great way to follow how a band thinks of their music. It is great to listen to the original releases and then listen to the re-masters. It is great fun to listen for subtle changes and improvements to the sound, which often point to the current direction and thought of a band. This recent release by Behemoth goes to the fact of wanting to put out of print material back in the hands of their fans.

This is pure Behemoth on this release, good hard driving death metal at its finest. This is certainly a release worthy of Behemoth and it gets fans exposed to some of their early and important work in the 2000’s. The challenge of doing covers was met head on and will leave a memorable mark on all listeners. This is Behemoth bigger and better than ever.

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