At The Soundawn - ShiftingItalian post-rock quintet At The Soundawn’s new album “Shifting” is a rather specific case because the band incorporates some – even for post-rock – unusual elements in their music. There are trumpet sounds, Arabian music (during the very good ‘Drifting Lights’), growls, screams, clean vocals or even an almost ritual choir all over the album.

Aside from the typical walls of sound that post-rock is known for the band just got the dynamical changes right. ‘Black Waves’, for example, shows something which only few bands do and even fewer are able of: the change from light pop sounds to very heavy guitar blasts and back again. But these explosions do happen quite often and the heaviness the band presents is so powerful that the quiet parts really make a difference.

The songs themselves have got good structures most of the time and the band definitely knows how to play. It is the vocals that aren’t always up to scratch, especially when the screams are used. It all just doesn’t fit together – the great music on one side and the somehow amateurish screams on the other. With a little improvement At The Soundawn could easily reach the next level.

At The Soundawn surely isn’t an average post-rock band. In fact, their special mix of sounds and styles is something you don’t hear very often, even if it is a bit too rough sometimes.

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