The Architects set on Saturday morning on the Apollo stage was one we were hugely looking forward to. These guys are getting such a reputation of being ferocious live so when Sam Carter and crew come screaming out of the traps… all Hell breaks loose.

Carter is unstoppable, he whips the masses into a frenzy. The dual pits are pure insanity as Architects rip through ‘Day In Day Out’ and ‘Delete Rewind’. Any hangovers are beaten to a pulp with this brutal assault. Frantic fretwork from Tom Searle and Tim Hillier-Brook shows why these guys kicked up such a shitstorm with ‘Hollow Crown’ as they tear through ‘Follow The Water’. Bassist Alex Dean has been welcomed back to the fold with open arms, and these Brighton mentalists seem hyperactively happy to have him back.

Architects have taken some stick for their direction following ‘Hollow Crown’, and today they had a point to prove to some. They didn’t just prove the point, they took that point, chewed it up and spat it out into the face of anyone who dared doubt. Architects delivered a thirty minute set of pure volatile assault, ‘Early Grave’ as a closer was quite simply… aurally destructive.

Architects Setlist:
Day In Day Out
Delete Rewind
Follow The Water
In Elegance
Learn to Live
Early Grave

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal