We all just love those real moments in music when a band blows you off your feet whether live or on a recording. Evesham noise peddlers Anger Management not only do that but they take out a few ear drums as a bonus. Their EP ‘Beyond The Threshold of Pain’ is a full on assault with crushing riffs, killer chords and aggression a plenty and really it should not be a total surprise that the band kicks metal butt considering their pedigree. Formed by Jamie “Jammer” Airns ex Murder One and Medulla Nocte drummer you know from he alone there will be some serious power as the basis for their sounds. Throw in the rampaging guitar of ex Underrule John Minett, build it up with the great pulsating bass of Shaun Jeffries and the growling vocals of Matt Cox both formerly of Next to Nothing and you have something that is going to charge up some vicious noise. The additional guitar thrashings of Will Lavis simply takes it all up another notch and together it all culminates in one of the best hardcore releases not only of the year so far but of the months ahead I am sure.

Beyond The Threshold Of Pain is five tracks of thrash delight, grabbing our throats from the opening track ‘Lifelong Suicide’. The song is relentless, a crescendo of heavy riffs and crashing guitars with an anger and aggression many try for but few achieve. It gives us a Pantera like chorus with Cox’s gravel laden voice giving us great simple lyrics before ending with the words “sacrifice yourself” and to this sound I do. There is an obvious Down and Machinehead feel throughout the tracks, especially on the outstanding ‘Fear & Self Loathing’, a classic track with its revved up riffage, but this is far from another copy, each song is Anger Management solely.

This release is an all out metal attack with Airn’s drumming supreme driving each track forcefully on, whether the mid paced ‘Eye Of The Lifeless’, with some cool guitar melody in play, or the crushing onslaught that are ‘Show Your Anger’ and ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, he with the bass slapping of Jeffries, stage the perfect ground movement for the rest of the band to go to battle upon.

Beyond The Threshold Of Pain’ may not be the most ground breaking music on show right now but there is unlikely to be any that are more honest or satisfying. I for one will be eagerly awaiting an album in the future to see how they move on with their sound but right now take a listen to Anger Management’s EP you will not be disappointed.

Beyond The Threshold Of Pain’ is released on Three Piece Recordings on February 28th

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