Amia Venera Landscape - The Long ProcessionAmia Venera Landscape, fresh from reaching the No. 1 spot in the ThisIsNotAScene Top 10 of 2010, with the stunning “Amia Venera Landscape EP”, the Italian progressive metalcore outfit returned to the studio in 2010 to record their debut full length release, “The Long Procession”. Songs like ‘Nichòlas’ and ‘Glances’ from the “Amia Venera Landscape EP” already showed that Amia Venera Landscape were not afraid to explore different styles and genres within their work, mixing long melodic ambient sequences with heavier bursts of full on metal complimented by the dual clean and screaming vocals of Marco Berton and Alessandro Brun respectively.

“The Long Procession” explodes into life with the unrelenting onslaught of ‘Empires’, the raw pace and power of the opening seconds announces that Amia Venera Lanscape have arrived and that they mean business! In true AVL style the maelstrom gives way to an ambient moment midway through the track that gradually builds up in intensity before the face shredding begins once again! A lone piano provides the introduction to ‘A New Aurora’ that launches with the same venom  as ‘Empires’ but soon relents to the more sedate clean, calming vocals of Marco Berton. AVL possess a unique ability to jump from ambient moments to full on onslaughts and back again seamlessly.

The previous EP’s opener ‘My Hands Will Burn First’ takes its rightful place next on the album feeling like an old friend visiting after a long time away. The raucousness abruptly gives way to ‘Ascending’, a haunting ambient eight minute journey that wouldn’t feel out of place on the soundtrack to the scariest of horror movies… with its ambient electronics and melancholic piano, rising and falling in intensity before reaching a crescendo. Another old friend from the AVL EP ‘Glances’ follows on from ‘Ascending’ but this time it has been reworked a little, being split into two parts. ‘Part I’ taking its place as an introduction to the main course of ‘Part II’, the familiar strains Marco Berton and Alessandro Brun battling against each other through the cacophony.

Amia Venera Landscape once again take us away from the norm with ‘Marasm’, another haunting journey of epic proportions. Almost 15 minutes of quite stunning aural landscapes, once again led by melancholic piano lines at the beginning, interjected with sedate drums, atmospheric guitars and occasional heavy interlude before the entire band joins the journey. The third and final track from the AVL EP is next, ‘Nichòlas’ with its ferocious beginning, soaring choruses and ambient moments have made it a firm favourite of ours.

‘Infinite Sunset Of The Sleepless Man’ is a brief respite from the onslaught, a moment to catch your breath and reflect on all that has preceded it. The ambience leads into the final track on the album, ‘The Traitors’ March’ but there is nothing tranquil about it. The music gradually builds in its intensity, easing between clean ambient moments and harsher heavier times before final unleashing one final brutal assault.

“The Long Procession” is a stunning piece of work from start to finish. Amia Venera Landscape show a maturity, musicianship and song writing ability in huge amounts whilst exploring and pushing the boundaries of song writing. They will be embarking on a European tour in the very near future, catch them live if you can!

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