All Pigs Must Die - God Is WarThis shit goes above and beyond. When the machines take over, John Connor and the resistance will be bumping All Pigs Must Die‘s “God is War” on a ghetto blaster. Four seasoned veterans of the hardcore scene unleash a non-stop torrent of addictive hate in the right place and in the right time. Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), Ben Koller (Converge),  Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods (Bloodhorse) came together to create a cacophony of blackened, death filled noise recorded at Godcity Studios under the stewardship of Converge guitarist and master engineer Kurt Ballou.

“God is War” is a noxious brew of blackened, crusty, d-beat grounded hardcore served straight up like grain alcohol. Kevin Baker‘s on-point vocals ride pummelling blast beats from start to finish. All Pigs Must Die‘s collective résumé lends to a no-apologies aural assault, and it’s coming at you with no brakes. ‘Death Dealer’ immediately ignites that constant heart-pounding feeling that makes you feel alive and then furious and then furiously alive. This is the album’s fist-punching-face anthem. ‘God is War’ is also a stand-out, tinged with old school Swedish speed metal and crunchy riffs. Baker spits out lyrics that make ‘God is War’ everything a title track should be.

No fucks are given on “God is War”. The only ones on a high horse here are using the word “supergroup.” Eight blackened tracks clocking in at around a half hour show the band’s dedication to honest musical brutality, all pretension aside. What sets All Pigs Must Die apart from similar groups is that they are noisy as fuck without being just noise. ‘Sadistic Vindicator,’ the eight-minute closer, shows off perfectly executed songwriting before leaving you breathless with blood in your eyes. Hard,raw impending doom that never comes close to unlistenable. This is warfare on the soul, not the eardrums.

I can’t find anything to complain about. “God is War” is the honey badger of all 2011 releases so far.

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