Airbourne, the rough and ready Aussie rockers really take the biscuit for pure entertainment. Right from the opening “Terminator” intro music, through to set closer ‘Stand Up For Rock ‘n’ Roll’, Joel O’Keefe and his boys prove to be the perfect festival crowd fodder… and a complete Health and Safety nightmare.

Airbourne are the masters of raucous rock anthems, every tune these boys belt out carries huge crowd singalong choruses and cranking grooves. O’Keefe’s vocals are soaring and gravel laced, straight out of the AC/DC school of etiquette, he addresses the Knebworth masses in the same tone, encouraging everyone to climb on other people’s shoulders, and in his own words… “doesn’t even matter if you know the cunt!” However, it’s not just the riff after riff festival corkers that puts Airbourne head and shoulders above other live bands, it’s the insane antics from the hyperactive frontman that puts the icing on the cake.

Anyone who has seen Airbourne before will know what we are talking about. O’Keefe is not content with just being on stage, he has a habit of wanting to be on top of it. As the health and safety reps cower and crap themselves, O’Keefe climbs the side scaffolding to perch himself precariously on top of the Saturn Stage. A sight to behold in all fairness, and vertigo really isn’t an option as he continues to belt out the riffs. A mock slip, hanging off with one hand all add to the drama (and entertainment), and the crowd are in pieces. Airbourne once again destroyed the place… They should be a permanent fixture at every festival.

Airbourne setlist:
Raise The Flag
Chewin’ The Fat
Diamond In The Rough
Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women
No Way But The Hard Way
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Runnin’ Wild
Stand Up for Rock ‘N’ Roll

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal