Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - The-Ripper At The Heavens Gates Of DarkOne of the stranger albums I have had the chance to review this one, the latest release from this incarnation of the prolific musical collective Acid Mothers Temple (35 albums in 16 years). The quartet of Japanese experimentalists have released an album that is reliant on the listener being ready to be taken on an hour-long very different musical ride.

The albums begins with the twelve minute ‘Chinese Flying Saucers’, which right from the very start sets the scene for the trippy journey that you are about to be taken on, featuring some very Plant / Page inspired riffs and vocals. Next up is the short (four minutes and the shortest track by far on this release) Eastern influenced ‘Chakira 24’ which is led by Kawabata Makoto’s sitar.  The fact it is so short compared to the rest of the album almost feels like a break from the rest of the albums jam based feel. ‘Back Door Man Of Ghost Rails Inn’ has a very Doors feel, reminiscent of their classic track ‘The End’.

‘Shine On You Crazy Dynamite’ is an echoey tune that again features some of the Zeppelin inspired guitars and vocals from previous tracks as well as some very spaced out effects and keyboards of Higashi Hiroshi stop the tune from turning into anything resembling normal (although the fact it is nearly twenty two minutes also helps remove that notion).  ‘Electric Death Mantra’ feels a bit of an energy sapping song after listening to so much of what has gone before. It is the last track, but at nineteen minutes it doesn’t feel too close to the end. This is a long loose jam that slowly gathers pace towards the end to close the album.

An album that could be easily dismissed by some as just noise, but also you get the feeling that this has been crafted and that with the long history this quartet know exactly what sound and effect they want to achieve. This is an album that you have to find time to listen to, and the long tracks deserve full attention. I enjoyed listening to it and experiencing something I don’t normally listen to but with something this epic, for me it didn’t have the appeal to have too many repeated listens, but it always good to try out something different.

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