With Silent Eyes - The Calm EPEvery once in a while you come across a demo that strikes you as different or interesting and worth another play. The 3 track demo EP The Calm from Alfreton metallers With Silent Eyes, falls into this category.  I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting too much after seeing the band live as the opening act for a recent Sacred Mother Tongue show in Nottingham, also featuring the awesome Leeds quartet With One Last Breath!

After hearing the rest of the evenings music butchered by the PA system I decided to reserve judgement and wait until after hearing the demo!  I threw the CD on the stereo and pressed play, what I heard was far, far superior from what I witnessed at the gig. A tight, cohesive unit producing a mountainous noise with a range of crunching riffs, beatdowns, lead breaks and some of the most powerful vocals I’ve heard from a new band in a long while. I do remember commenting on the night that the vocalist had a ‘decent set of lungs’ even through the abysmal PA system they stood out. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the clean vocals; they seem to be lacking something… but show promise and don’t feel out of place within the mix.

With Silent Eyes‘The Calm’ has a real touch of Lamb of God about it, groove metal riffs, slow, deep beatdowns, fast, punishing verses and, for something a little different, soaring choruses.

‘Distant Burial’ is packed with ferocious riffs and monstrous vocals, relentless in their attack, only interrupted with brief clean vocal harmonies and shouts.

‘Sink or Swim’ is a belter, again diving straight into a groovecore riff that Lamb Of God would be proud of, beatdowns that you cannot help but bang your head to and a sing-along chorus you’ll be joining in with in no time!

A well produced, full sounding offering, emerging from what is now an explosion of British metalcore bands on the scene. The challenge now is replicate what I hear on CD, on-stage. A talented band worth catching if they play a show near you with the potential and raw ingredients who, with hard work and dedication, can make something happen for themselves.

With Silent Eyes – MySpace page