What The Night Brings are a hardcore/metalcore band formed in deepest, darkest Buckinghamshire towards the end of 2008 and since that moment have been steadily gaining momentum within the flourishing British music scene. Over the last two years What The Night Brings have shared the stage with bands such as Protest The Hero, Devil Sold His Soul, Your Demise, The Eyes Of A Traitor and The Arusha Accord.

2010 sees the first release by What the Night Brings, the four track “Tides” EP. It starts off with the ferocious ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ that will quite happily pummel you into a bloody pulp for 2 minutes before gently stroking your head whilst reminding you that ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’.

‘An Apple Short of Eden’ is a more down tempo affair but it loses none of the ferocity. The chaotic, aggressive feel adds to the tension in this track, it feels as though it’s about to explode at any moment… taking you and everything with it!

The third track on the EP, ‘Bayonette, makes no attempt to diffuse the tension; in fact, it makes it a whole lot worse! ‘Bayonette’ is in your face, you can feel its breath… it won’t take much for it to all kick off! The only thing to do is to accept it and bang your head.

The EP’s finale, ‘Sewn Shut’, reaches the climax of the tension, an accumulation of the aggression and tension that has preceded it. In the final moments it all kicks off, but this isn’t a violent crescendo, this is a party, a hardcore party and we are all loving it!

“Tides” is a very good debut EP. The hardcore influence is there from the very beginning and continues throughout but there are also some very strong melodic moments. The only thing about the whole EP that i’m not too sure about is the mix on the main vocals. At times the vocals are difficult to distinguish from the music.

A solid start from a band that has the talent and ability to go a long way…

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