We Are The Illusion - The Podium Of Lies EPFinnish progressive metallers We Are The Illusion have unleashed their stunning debut EP, “The Podium of Lies” upon the masses. The self-released 6-track EP has been available as a free download for little over a month and has already been snapped up by thousands of fans! The five piece band, formed in 2008, drew inspiration from all quarters of the globe as well as more traditional sources to create their own unique sound.

The EP kicks off with an introductory track, ‘Gates of Inception’. There is a distinct middle-eastern flavour to the gentle, melodic instrumental opener, but there is also a haunting undertone lurking just beneath the surface. From out of the calm ‘The Podium’ erupts without warning, announcing that We Are The Illusion have entered the building! The heavy guitars and dirty growls match the pounding beats as the track pummels you from the off! The jagged staccato guitar riffs and growling vocals make for a very powerful beginning. The occasional melodic interlude gives a brief respite from the onslaught before the rage is unleashed again. The rage and the melodic join forces towards the end of the track, creating a whole new atmosphere for the song as it fades out.

As ‘A Failing Entity’ begins it has a familiar sound and feel to it, very reminiscent of fellow progressive metallers TesseracT. Once the opening bars are through, the track develops into a more distinct We Are The Illusion sound, the keyboards adding the familiar depth the sound underneath the dual clean and screaming vocals. The guitars and drums are still as heavy as ever, only briefly dropping away for the occasional melodic interlude.

‘A Verge Of man’ is a short instrumental track, full of atmosphere and character created by the piano and strings. Again, however, there is an underlying menace to it that is carried over into ‘Heroes’. The opening riffs of ‘Heroes’ have a heavy Meshuggah feel to them but as with ‘A Failing Entity’ any familiarities in sound to others soon disappears. We Are The Illusion are great at creating huge soundscapes, similar to Chimp Spanner in the way that they use guitars and keyboards to develop the sound. What’s more is that there is a dash of Finnish folk thrown in to boot!

The final track on the EP, ‘Flawed Equilibrium’, takes much of what has gone on before and moulds it all together to create a fitting finale. Pounding drums and heavy guitars matched in ferocity by the vocals give way to atmospheric interludes, then We Are The Illusion manage to cleverly merge the two opposing styles together to create a huge sound with depth and atmosphere but still with immense ferocity!

“The Podium of Lies” is a monster record, showcasing the immense talent that We Are The Illusion have. We hope they have more recording time booked and maybe even a few live dates on these shores in the near future too.

We Are The Illusion – MySpace page