Trucker Diablo - The Devil RhythmHailing from the darkest depths of Northern Ireland, Trucker Diablo have been steadily spreading their name across the land since their formation in early 2008. Trucker Diablo came to life when four friends got together to play the music they loved and felt defined who they were as individuals. They have already been dubbed as a ‘supergroup’ due to members of the band having successful pasts behind them. Simon Haddock was a member of Joyrider, who, in the late 1990’s, enjoyed a successful period of touring and recording culminating in a single reaching 22 in the charts and an appearance Top Of The Pops. Tom Harte and Terry Crawford were part of the highly acclaimed hard rock group Tilted, who too enjoyed success in the late 90’s.

That’s enough about their past, lets concentrate on the now… and what a now it is! Trucker Diablo have had a whirlwind 2010 with countless shows under their belts including support slots with legendary Northern Ireland rocker Ricky Warwick, numerous Festival appearances and early in 2011 they will be playing @twitrfest in Birmingham. 2010 has also seen the release of their debut album, “The Devil Rhythm”.

The 10-track album kicks off with the monstrously fun ‘Drink Beer, Destroy’. Instantly you are nodding your head along with it, the groove is so infectious you can’t help but be carried along by it. Then we get to the chorus, you’ll be singing along with it, even before you know the words! Trucker Diablo clearly love having a good time and play great music whilst they do it! The second track on the album is the latest single ‘Juggernaut’, complete with a guest appearance from The Almighty’s front man Ricky Warwick. Another huge hook grabs you instantly and pulls you into the track. Pounding drums, rolling guitars and a great sing-a-long chorus makes ‘Juggernaut’ a soon to be classic rock song.

Following on we get ‘Big Truck’ with heavy southern rock influence, with its lazily flowing start that soon gives way to the quick rolling pace we’re used to. Trucker Diablo have more hooks than a fishing tackle shop, the chorus of ‘Big Truck’ is another one that will have singing along in no time! ‘Stand Up And Fight’ picks up where ‘Big Truck’ left off, another great rock song but the riff sounds familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it…

‘Voodoo’ returns to the southern rock feel, this time with a large dose of the blues added for good measure. ‘Never Too Late To Sin’ is a brute, it’s heavy and in your face. The hooks are still there but you’re not too sure whether to join in, just in case it bites your face off! ‘Dirty Love’ is a classic rock song and no mistake, Phil Lynott would be proud! Again, you cannot help yourself but join in on the chorus.

‘Black and Blue’ is just as good, another one that could have come straight off the Thin Lizzy production line. Trucker Diablo really do have the knack of writing a seriously good rock song!  ‘When Angels Die’ takes another spin down the heavier path, with a hint of a southern direction, but again loses none of the catchy traits that are the trademark of Trucker Diablo. The lead solo also deserves a mention; it’s short but very, very sweet! The album closes with ‘Rattlehead’, a last hurrah with a heavy southern feel. Strong and heavy throughout, although this time the chorus is one to listen rather than sing along with.

“The Devil Rhythm” is a great album, it is a straight up, no nonsense old school rock album, it doesn’t pander to the trends of the day, it is just four guys doing what they love and having a bloody good time whilst they do it!

2010 has seen a smorgasbord of unsigned cross the desks at TINAS Towers and we have been thoroughly blown away by the standard of the majority. It is a mystery to us how bands like Trucker Diablo, Godsized and Furyon haven’t been snapped up by a record label yet? Look out for all three of them in 2011!