The Perfect Crime - Everything Else Can WaitThe small, leafy town of St. Neots in Cambridgeshire is famous for… Well, it’s not actually famous for anything but that may be about the change, certainly if progressive post-hardcore band, The Perfect Crime have anything to do with it! After the relative success of their double A-side single “Soviet/To The Kindness of Strangers” released in 2009, The Perfect Crime return to the forefront with their debut full length album ‘Everything Else Can Wait’, released through the local independent Speechless label.

The Perfect Crime produce a colossal, unique sound, one that is even more astonishing when taking into account the fact that they are only a three piece. Without seeing the pictures or reading the words you would swear that they had twice the number of people in the band.

The Perfect Crime They have sound that is devilishly hard to pin down; but I certainly hear touches of Rueben in the opening track ‘Hailstones’, and also in ‘Harlequin’. The bands they cite as influences, such as Deftones and Thrice, are also audible through the album. The raw heaviness of ‘Deliver Me Your Sins’ and ‘A Priest & A Proposition’ mixed with the down tempo vocals has distinct Deftones undertones to it. Whilst the soaring molodies of ‘Expand/Collapse’ and ‘Luscinia’ have more of a Thricesque quality about them.

The Perfect Crime are not afraid to push the boundaries of their abilities and song writing, mixing different styles into their songs, keeping you interested throughout. Adam Mortaro very capably mixes clean and screamy vocals whilst combining this with guitar playing duties. Chris Roberts on bass and Scott Campbell on drums both add back vocals into the mix. They have clearly put in the necessary hours of hard work, sweat and blood that go into creating the tight, cohesive band that they appear to be.

‘Everything Else Can Wait’ is a stunning debut album and The Perfect Crime deserve to go far with it. It is going to take one hell of an album to knock this from our Top 10 albums of 2010!

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