Sunpocrisy - Atman EPIn late 2005 two minds came together, Jonathan Panada and Carlo Giulini, with the sole purpose of creating progressive and death metal inspired music. The following year a third mind joined the collective, Matteo Bonera, and the first incarnation of Sunpocrisy was created. The Sunpocrisy line-up was finally complete when, in 2007, Gabriele Zampieri joined the trio.

In 2008 Sunpocrisy first took to the stage and soon began to create a buzz in their native Italy. The buzz continued to grow as they played shows alongside bands such as The Ocean, Ahab, Once Was Silence, In Mourning and Black Sun Aeon, culminating in a 4th place finish in the MetalBattle 2010 for Wacken: Open Air competition.

Sunpocrisy took time out of their hectic live calendar to record their debut EP. The “Atman EP” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Stefano Moretti at Music Manor in Brescia, Italy. The 4-track EP is a heady mix progressive metal epics, death metal brutality and experimental exploration.

The epic ‘Ӕon’s Samsara’ opens the “Atman EP” with its haunting guitar and vocal introduction, as the track progresses the influence of Mastodon is clear. The powerful vocals and atmospheric guitars, as well as the structure would sit perfectly well alongside those of the US progressive metal masters. The technical abilities of the guitarists Panada and Bonera are immense, often duelling through the track with intricate riffs and harmonies. Panada’s versatile voice works on several levels, be it the powerful singing of the verses or the deep menacing, Opeth like,  death metal growls. A sign of good song writing is make a 12 minute song keep the attention throughout without the track dragging and Sunpocrisy manage this with ease in ‘Ӕon’s Samsara’.

‘Aprosdoketon’ again has a heavy Mastodon feel about it, the guitars in particular. The vocals are immediately harsher on this track with Panada growling his way through the opening verses. The onslaught of this track is relentless, there’s no resting place, no place to hide. The guitarmanship shines through again with continuous dual lead riffs throughout. The Mastodon feel is evident again as the clean vocals make a brief appearance in the bridge towards the end of the track.

‘Insanity’s Glove’ takes a different twist with a piano and guitar introduction that is almost TOOL-esque. The acoustic guitar and clean vocal verse is a definite nod towards Opeth, in fact the track as a whole takes on a heavy Opeth feel as the acoustic gives way to heavy riffs and death metal growls. ‘Insanity’s Glove’ is another 10+ minute progressive metal behemoth that takes you on a journey through the likes of TOOL, Mastodon and Opeth but all the while having the distinct Sunpocrisy stamp all over it!

The “Atman EP” ends with the haunting ‘This Illusion’, the TOOL influenced beginning soon develops into a heavy, beast of a track. There are continuous TOOL references, the early parts of the verse, in particular, have the James Maynard Keenan vibe to them. The heaviness subsides, giving way to an atmospheric breakdown that progressively builds back up again before the heaviness is unleashed again.

Sunpocrisy are a seriously talented band and the “Atman EP” is a brilliant offering. If this just a taste of what they can produce then they are clearly destined for big things! We hope that there will be a full length release from Sunpocrisy in the not too distant future!

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