Stars of the Search Party - Lost in the Dust Part IIStars of the Search Party are an uncompromising sextet from the leafy suburbs of Guildford, Surrey. Following on from the success of their first EP ‘Lost in the Dust’, the latest release ‘Lost in the Dust Part II’ is about to be unleashed on the masses. Stars of the Search Party’s brand of Pop-Punk/Rock is cut from the same cloth as Lostprohets but with added sequins and sparkly bits! All the ingredients are there, catchy melodies, singy choruses and toe tappingly addictive beats. From the very first spin you will be tapping and humming along!

The opener, ‘The Culprit’, starts off well and just gets better… Duelling guitars, fast paced beats and powerful vocals all come together to create a real toe tapper of a tune. There is also a heavy Lostprophets feel about this track. ‘Ignorance At Its Best’ starts off at a more sedate pace but it’s not long before we are back at breakneck speed!  There’s a touch of Enter Shikari and Youmeatsix about it, but with enough originality to set them apart from the others. ‘Questions’ rounds off the EP, with a heavier, more menacing feel to it. This is probably the strongest track on the EP, it displays to depth of their song writing and technical abilities.

The production on this EP is very good, as is the musicianship and the song writing. Stars of the Search Party clearly have what it takes to make it big; all they need is that bit of luck or to be in the right place at the right time.

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