Pay No Respect - Moving OnPay No Respect are a four-piece Hardcore band, formed in 2007 in Kent. They are the UK’s answer to Hardcore, citing influences such as Terror, Death Before Dishonour and First Blood. Over the last year, Pay No Respect have been on the road, spreading their message, playing shows and festivals such as Open Air Festival, in Poland and Hevy Festival in the UK. With tours to come alongside Death Before Dishonour and Knuckledust, a support slot with the timeless Agnostic Front and an appearance at the Hellfire Club Festival will take Pay No Respect to the next echelon.

Following on from the self-released “Fear Profits Man Nothing” in 2009, Pay No Respect release their new mini-album, “Moving On” through Case 5 Records on 16th August 2010.

The record kicks with ‘Intro/Set It Off’, with its blend of fast paced aggressive vocals and hardcore groove beats, laying down a marker of intent from the very first moment. This is hardcore and Pay No Respect are flying the flag for the revival of the UK Hardcore scene!

Pay No Respect‘Revenge Is Glory’ will leave you in a bloody mess on the floor, the intro is brutal and rapid, and the beat down is huge! ‘Only The Brave’ has a serious Hardcore groove, it’s faced paced and has ferocious beat down that will have you bouncing! ‘You Failed’ is a brutal, 100mph hardcore track. Joe Kenney’s, in your face, aggressive vocals are backed up by Dan Kenney’s colossal riffs.

The lead track of the mini-album, ‘Game over’ is a stand out track, the beat down and chorus are immense, if your arms aren’t swinging and you’re not breaking your neck to them, then you have a serious hearing problem!

The title track, ‘Moving On’, closes out the record with the fastest paced track on it. The main riff has a massive groove to it, enhanced by Guy Smith’s drums and Luke Ragget’s bass!

The production on “Moving On” is immaculate; too often the bass is completely hidden by the guitars, but that is not the case here, the levels are just about perfect!

The UK is producing some of its best music in years at the moment and Pay No Respect are at the very top the UK Hardcore scene.

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