Panic Cell - CrazyIt seems like only yesterday, we were at the Jägermeister stage, at Download 2010, watching Panic Cell during their first ever acoustic set.  This is where we’d first heard it, the cheddar for your crackers, the brie for your baguette,  a cover of a song that everyone loves (whether you like to admit it or not), ‘Crazy’ by Seal.  We’ve been waiting for the release of this for some time, Panic Cell mentioned at Download that it would be out in “a couple of weeks”… well, a few months down the line they have finally released it!

As we all know covering songs is a very dangerous area for bands.  They can be a complete butchering of a classic, like Guns N’ Roses ‘Knocking On Heavens Door’, or a roaring success, like Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’!  I am happy to say that ‘Crazy’ is in the same vein as the latter!

The start is fairly similar to the original, light and calm.  That is until Panic Cell unleash their ferocious riffs, followed by the brutal voice of Luke Bell. Now, the voices of Seal and Bell are not exactly alike, in fact, they are completely different; but in this rendition, it somehow works really well.  What surprised me most was that Bell was able to reach the high notes of this song!  The main highlight of the track is the crescendo of vocals and drums that gradually builds up to the immense guitar solo.

At Download, you could tell that the band loved to play ‘Crazy’, with massive smiles beaming across their faces, not to mention those in the crowd watching.  I never would have imagined that an entire crowd would be singing along to this guilty pleasure!