Rock City, Nottingham was the setting for Oaf’s penultimate show on this leg of the Botheration Word Tour. I say World Tour as Stoke, London, Nottingham and Peterborough were all part of the world the last time I looked at an Atlas. Yes, that Atlas was from 1983, still containing the likes of the USSR and Yugoslavia but I can absolutely guarantee that the above mentioned places were in there…

The voluminous crowd had steadily drifted in from the moment the doors opened at 10pm, the youth of Nottingham eager to witness this historic event. It also happened to be a club night at Rock City but the punters were there for Oaf, well, that’s what I think and I am sticking to it!

Messers Lawson and Rayment entered stage right carrying their rider, which looked frighteningly like water! James was looking at his suave best, decked out in a very dapper dinner jacket and black tie, hair perfectly coiffed and Dom looking equally at ease in his most formal of attire, jeans and a t-shirt!

The music was silenced the lights were, well, on… It was show time! The assembled masses were treated to the ultimate intro… ‘The Oafature’, greeted by many a toe tap and grin from the curious onlookers!  ‘A Euphamism for Tits’ followed quickly after.

A few good, good people had made the epic journey all the way from another country to witness the Oaf phenomenon and Dom was kind enough to dedicate the next song to them… ‘I’m Retarded’.  Next up was their potential Number 1 single, ‘No More Tickets For The Time Machine’, to which I found myself singing along with!

A bit of a jackanory moment was to follow, with Dom regaling the audience with the story behind ‘Tiny When Erect’. The next track being ‘Giant Ballbag’ started a little banter between the band members and the crowd, Oaf claiming that they weren’t obsessed with genitalia and that “Botheration” was, in fact, a concept album!

At one point in the set, one young lady was using sign language to inform James that she wanted to have his babies, James to his dismay misread the signals and thought she was saying he had a beer gut… a touching moment that was thankfully cleared up moments later to much hilarity!

To howls of sadness and groans, Dom introduced their last track, their colossal cover of the Blancmange classic ‘Living on the Ceiling’. Ten minutes later it was all over, the Oaf experience had ended, there were shouts of “More” and a chorus of “Oaf, Oaf, Oaf” so from that I think we can safely say they went down well with the locals.

On leaving the room we were confronted by a youth bent double saying hello to the numerous pints of snakebite they had consumed previously! Thankfully, that will not be my abiding memory of the Oaf show. That honour was taken by Dom’s numerous ‘O’ faces he was pulling throughout the set.

A great show, I for one hope there will be a second leg to this World Tour!

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