Nuclear - JehovirusLatin America is slowly but surely becoming a hotbed of metal. The passion for all things heavy has been clear for years and now the fruits of those passions are starting to make themselves heard across the world. At the forefront of this wave of Latin American metal are Chilean thrashers Nuclear. The band has been around in various guises and line-ups since the mid nineties. It wasn’t until 2003 that the group settled on the name Nuclear and in 2005 the line-up became what we know today Matias LV on vocals, Francisco Haussmann and Sebastián Puente on guitars, Punto Sudy on drums and Raimundo Correa on bass.

Their debut album “Heaven Denied” was released in 2006 through the Koventry Records label, establishing Nuclear on the map. Two years later the follow up, “Ten Broken Codes” was released, through Koventry Records and Concerto Records. This album along with the live bootleg “Mosh Detonation” cemented Nuclear’s reputation as being one of the premier thrash metal bands on the Latin American continent. 2010 sees the release of Nuclear’s third studio album, “Jehovirus”. It was recorded and mixed at AudioCustom Studios in Chile, the final mastering taking place at The Parlour Studios under the stewardship of legendary producer Russ Russell.

“Jehovirus” kicks off with ‘Belligerence’, a menacing; slow paced demonic introduction gives way to a large dose of thrash metal. Fast riffs, pounding drums and harsh barked vocals, sets the scene for the record. The menace soon returns as the tempo drops during the bridge and you instantly get caught in the groove before your head is blown off when the thrash assault begins again! There is more than a passing resemblance to the thrash masters Slayer but it’s not a copy, Nuclear add their own substance to the sound.

‘Criminal Solicitation’ provides more of the same thrash entertainment, this time the pace at the beginning is a little less frenetic but the effect is still the same. It’s not long before the neck snapping pace is back, forcing your head backwards and forwards in a banging type motion. The lead solos are immense, complimented by the frenetic riffs and the machine gun drumming. ‘Asphyxia’ is simply brutal, from the instant it begins you are plastered against the back wall… your face contorted by the onslaught and your head banging within an inch of falling off! The only respite is the bridge, where you get chills down your spine before you are pummelled back into submission by the thrash onslaught.

‘Brutal Yet Precise’ is not just a title but an adequate description of the track… another helping of top drawer thrash with all the elements in perfect amounts to cause natural spasms in your neck muscles for approximately three minutes! ‘Acts Of Depravity’ takes a little twist at the beginning, the menace is instantly apparent but the pace is slow, again sending chills down your spine. The pace quickens slightly as the track progresses but in never explodes into the thrash monster it promises to do; instead it oozes five minutes of pure evil into your ears!

‘The One We Must Kill’ returns to the thrash that we have come to expect from Nuclear. Complete with fast paced, choppy riffs, equally fast drumming and the demonic bark of the vocals riding over the top. ‘World Depletion’ sets off on the slow demonic path before it unleashes the mighty thrash monster upon us. This track is seriously fast, a total neck snapper… just the way we like it! It has some more kick ass solos in it too; what more could you want from a thrash record?

The introduction ‘On Killing’ is designed to give you nightmares and it works… only to be awakened in to the world of face-ripping, neck-snapping thrash! The final track on the album, ‘Defleshed’, finishes off the album in the same way as it began, with a huge slice of top drawer thrash metal. Filled with not only finger shredding riffs but also a neck-snapping groove that will have your head banging throughout!

“Jehovirus” is a seriously good record; nine tracks of old school thrash that will not fail to get your head banging! If you like huge amounts of straight up, no messing thrash then Nuclear are a band for you. Nuclear are heading over for a European tour in the near future so watch your local listings and go bang your head to some old school thrash!

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