Monsters in the Attic - Tales of the Worm EPLondon based trio, Monsters in the Attic, known for their punk influenced, rock n roll return with an acoustic EP, “Tales of the Worm”; the first of two EPs to be released by the band with the second being the more traditional full electric offering. Monsters in the Attic’s tongue in cheek song take on subjects such as riding your luck and zombie girlfriends returning from the grave. There are definite influences to hear, bands like Rocket From The Crypt, Priestess and perhaps even a slight touch of Volbeat!

Fans of Monster in the Attic will be familiar with the EPs opening track. ‘Church Sundae’ is a re-working of the crowd favourite ‘I’ll Be Damned’ albeit it in an acoustic style. Even ‘unplugged’ the rockabilly vibe is strong, with bouncy guitar riffs and harmonic vocals, accompanied by the occasional bout of whistling.

The second track on the EP is ‘Get To The Border’, the pace is quicker and the riffs are more urgent and much less bouncy. The cello is a nice touch, adding depth and atmosphere to the track. The rockabilly feel has gone, replaced with an almost Latin feel.

Track number three, ‘Zombie Girl’ comes straight out of the deep south of the US.  The harmonica emphasises that deep south sound, as does the slow paced, drawn out vocals. The subject matter of the song, however, is as far removed from the sound as you can get… A classic B-Movie horror tale of a zombie girlfriend coming back into your life!

‘Jules’ continues with the slow paced tempo, again the subject matter is very different from the sound of the track. This time it is a deranged character called Jules!

Whilst the subject matter of their songs may not be the most serious thing around, the musicianship shown by Monsters in the Attic certainly is! This EP isn’t their regular forte but they pull it off with style and have produced a damn good EP.

Here is a sample of what they are like when the urge to go all acoustic wears off…

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