Mike Patton - Mondo CaneMondo Cane, the latest offering from Mike Patton, is a collection of 50’s and 60’s pop songs, reinterpreted in a Patton stylee, complete with a full blown orchestra to boot.

The album opens subtly with ‘Il Cielo I Un Stanza’ lulling you into a false sense of security then rapidly moving you onto ‘Che Notte’ with a sinister vocal and comedic undertones. Cut it in half and there’d be a picture of Patton in the middle smirking in that way he does. ‘Ore D’Amore’ could quite easily be a soundtrack to a love scene in a Mills and Boon! Patton belts out each verse with raw passion.

Ok, I’m back in the room now and I’ve wiped up the mess too! Deep, deep down is next, an up tempo pure pop song which sees Patton’s vocal supported by backing singers, not my favourite track but still a belter. ‘Qello che Conta’ follows, opening up with a trumpet solo, performed by Roy Paci, and haunting violin, oh, and not forgetting the voice… smooth, delicate, UP we go again, ‘Urlo Negro’; with Patton screeching at the top of his lungs and dropping us head first into the popiest of pop choruses… and breathe!

Mike Patton‘Scalinatella’ leads you gently into the winding streets of an Italian village, accompanied en route by Patton subtly crooning to an acoustic guitar, we’re calm. The tempo’s on the up again, ‘L’uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare’.  A classic tune supported by overtures from the orchestra. Patton brings in a Paci trumpet solo and a Theremin, creating the humorous encounter that is ‘20KM al Giorno’.  We then hear ‘Ti Offro Da Bere’, c’mon let’s sway! That’s what this track makes you want to do, sway from side-to-side. Not my favourite song but a nice effort. NOW, ‘Senza Fine’ or Without End if you translate it via Google, and that’s possibly the best description I could give this song, I wish it didn’t end. Stunning!

If you’re a Patton fan you’ll love Mondo Cane, if you’re not give it a go it might surprise you – your mum might even like it!

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