Sabrina Ramdoyal recently caught up with Job For A Cowboy’s front man Jonny Davy for a chat before the show at the Academy 2 in Manchester.

Can you introduce yourself and your role in the band?

I’m Jonny Davy and I’m the singer in the band.

“Ruination” was released last year; do you have plans to head back into the studio any time soon to record your next album?

We’re gonna finish up this tour and then head to the US for a short headlining run and then we are gonna start work on a new EP.

Can you tell us a little more about the EP?

It will hopefully be out next April on Metal Blade and then in the summer we’re gonna go back into the studio for a full length.

Job For A Cowboy have evolved with each album through Doom, Genesis and Ruination, trying out new styles and directions. Is that a conscious effort or has it been a natural progression?

We’ve obviously changed a lot through our progression as being as a band but it’s just natural progression, you know getting older and we started the band at 16/17 so I think it’s mostly a natural progression.

What or who are the main inspirations behind the band and lyrically?

Lyrically, I have been brought up in a cool little family and my favourite bands to listen to when growing up were like Misery Index and Napalm Death who were extremely political.

When do you find time to write, it seems that you are always on the road?

We’re on the road a lot, for like nine months out of the year but we write whenever we have time. When the time comes though we take time out and put our ideas together but usually writing on the road for the most part.

How do you cope when you spend so long on the road, especially when you’re in a foreign country? Don’t you end up getting sick of the sight of the other guys and their bad habits?

Yes, being in a band is like having four girlfriends… It’s hard sometimes and I guess that’s why so many bands never work out or member changes happen, it’s hard. You have to find your best friends to be in a band with if you want to tour extensively. We have a guy in the band that chews with his mouth open and it drives me insane, little things like that.

How do you find the crowds over here in the UK and Europe compared to those back home?

I really like mainland Europe. I feel like shows in the US and UK a lot of people just come out to hang out with their friends, they might not necessarily be that into the bands, just go to hang out but in Europe I feel like people just come out because they really appreciate the music and really focus on what is going on. I feel that America and UK is very, very similar, almost dead on but when it comes to Europe you can tell that they are there to watch a show and not just to hang out.

What is your favourite track to play live and why?

Probably the title track off of “Ruination” because it’s really different from the rest of the set, it’s a really slow song and we don’t anything else like that in our discography much at all so yeah, probably that.

We really like Summon The Hounds, it must be pretty brutal to play live?

We still haven’t actually played that one live yet! I don’t know why. It’s probably the song I’d like to play the most of all the records we haven’t played live yet. We always planned it, I don’t know why we never did?

And finally do you have any final words for the readers?

Come and watch a show, buy some of our merch and download our records if you like them.