The Academy 2 was buzzing at a subtle tone for Job For A Cowboy‘s headlining tour. Playing alongside the visceral group were Tennessee’s finest Whitechapel, and British favourites Trigger The Bloodshed and Annotations Of An Autopsy. With this tour having such brutal names in the same barrel, who knows what the crowds of Manchester are letting themselves in for with their death-defying inmates.

First band up on stage were Bath’s death metal band Trigger The Bloodshed. Having released their recent LP “Degenerate” this year, there was certainly a lot of anticipation towards their set. On this occasion, they impressed even more. Explosive with their playing and Jonny Burgan slightly resembling the thick-necked oppressor George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer of Cannibal Corpse, the band had the place already warmed up for the crowd’s next dosage of craziness.

This was the first time hearing the band Annotations Of An Autopsy. After hearing acclaim for their innovative sound, this was a band we had to check out. Their set was indeed an interesting one. The crowds were embracing their every note and sounds, especially when Steve Regan (vocals) instructed the audience to create circle pits. Being fresh towards their sounds, we felt their performance felt a little flat, it even got a little distracting because of the screeches that Regan makes through the microphone. However, overall it was a good performance.

Whitechapel were up next and after seeing the lads support Trivium in the UK this year, the expectations of their set were very high. Whitechapel met the expectations and actually surpassed them as they were brutal with everything that they did. From the crowd’s reaction to the magnificent wall of death, it was indeed a great way to introduce the last, and certainly not least, group to destroy us, Job For A Cowboy!

Headlining the tour in support of their recent dosage, “Ruination” and fresh from supporting Lamb Of God in February this year, this was a great way to end the night, with a massive high. Songs like ‘Bearing the Serpent’s Lamb’, ‘Reduced To Mere Filth’, ‘Embedded and Knee Deep’, were greeted with constant head banging, circle pits and even a few pit fights, Job For A Cowboy made the floor seem like a battlefield. Their sound kept the place going whilst Jonny Davy (vocals) belted out words that only a controlling corporate businessman can take and feed the kids. Their light shows emphasized their ever-so brutal sounds and kept everyone on their toes.

All the kids in Manchester left delighted that they’d had a great night and were walking away with smiles on their faces and happily sharing their bumps and bruises from what  was overall an enjoyably aggressive night!