Heights - From Sea to SkyTowards the end of 2006, three like-minded friends, Al Heslop, John Hopkin and Jay Postones (TesseracT), got together and began to jam out a few ideas and to expand on the compositions that Al Heslop had previously put together. It didn’t take long for them to realise that they had created something very special… Heights were born!

“From Sea to Sky” is the band’s second full-length offering, following on from their debut album, “Salvation and Trepidation” released in the summer of 2008.

Heights are not afraid to steer away from traditional song writing formulas in order to create their own sound, producing progressive, ambient soundscapes that are akin to classical movements, with complex arrangements, variable time signatures and precisely structured chord progressions. All of this happening without masking the prog rock beast that rests at its heart.

The opening, and title track, ‘From Sea to Sky’ takes you on a journey with its Mogwai-esque guitar sound and progressive melodies.  ‘Of Wind and Air’ follows on from this with more complex chord progressions, continuing the journey that began with ‘From Sea to Sky’.

The five part movement ‘Symphony For The Sky’ takes the ideas introduced in the first two tracks and infinitely expands on them, creating a colossal soundscape that draws you in, within which you float through, experiencing the highs and lows, never going too fast or too slow… The technical abilities of Heights are astounding, three people doing what they love, creating music that is far more than something to just listen to.

“From Sea to Sky” feels more like a soundtrack to the best day of your life, rather than an album. It takes you away from wherever you may be and gracefully deposits you in the most comfortable and relaxing place imaginable for its 38 minute length. A truly great offering that is a must if being taken along on an epic musical adventure is something that appeals to you!

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