Friday evening 6 pm, the heavens had opened and the wind was howling. This, however, couldn’t dampen the excitement of the upcoming road trip to Birmingham to see the mighty Godsized at Eddie’s Rock Club. We set off with our friends from Cack Blabbath to experience Godsized’s incredible live show for the second time in as many months after seeing their performance at the Download Festival in June this year.

We arrived at Eddie’s, via a minor detour thanks to Google’s out of date information, just in time to catch the last few tracks of local favourites, Amongst the Survivors. What little I heard was really good and they appeared to be a tight cohesive unit with no shortage of face paint or talent!

What struck us instantly was the sparse crowd, perhaps it would fill up before Godsized took to the stage. Alas, this wasn’t to be! Whether it was due to promotion issues or the prohibitive ticket cost, we just don’t know. What we do know is that Godsized deserve to be playing to a hell of a lot more than the few people who witnessed this colossal show!

As Godsized appeared on stage, we took our front row vantage points and prepared ourselves for the musical feast that was to come. They opened with ‘Walking Away’ and proceeded to totally blow me away. Then it was straight into ‘The Last Goodbye’ followed by other tracks from the stunning “Brothers in Arms EP”, the title track ‘Brother in Arms’ and the immense ‘Head Heavy’. We were also treated to a couple of tracks from the forthcoming “The Phoney Tough and The Crazy Brave EP” as well as a brand new track!

It is clear from the new tracks, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ and ‘Bleeding on the Inside’, that Godsized are maturing as a band. The “Brother in Arms EP”, is stunning but the new songs have taken that a step further. Still there are the heavy riffs, soaring lead breaks, pounding beats and powerful vocals but there is also something else that completes the sound. I cannot wait for the release of “The Phoney Tough and The Crazy Brave EP”!

The performance, the intensity and energy of the band and the music could not fail to impress. The verdict was unanimous from those in our group of friends watching, that this was the best live show we had seen all year.

Godsized – MySpace page