Godsized - Brothers in Arms EPFresh from their immense performance at the Download Festival and the equally brilliant recent show at Eddies Bar in Birmingham it was high time we let you know our thoughts on Godsized’s “Brothers In Arms EP”.  Expectations were very high after witnessing these shows. So did the power and energy from the live set transfer well to the recorded format?

The short and simple answer to this question is, yes! The recording and production on the five track EP has perfectly captured the spirit of the band and the live dynamism of their music.

The EP begins with; ‘Walking Away’, a metal behemoth of a track. The opening hook is enough to get your head banging for the rest of the night! The chorus is just as catchy and one that you cannot help singing along to!

If ‘Walking Away’ didn’t get your head moving then the title track “Brothers In Arms” will do and that’s a guarantee! It’s fast, heavy and has a serious groove to it as well as being full of phenomenal lead breaks from both Glen Korner and Neil Fish. What more could you want?

Godsized‘Fight and Survive’ continues with the heavy groove feel but with a slower tempo. It’s a perfect stage to highlight Glen Korner’s incredibly powerful vocals and more doubled edged guitar solos!

There is a lighter side to Godsized too; ‘The Last Goodbye’ is the perfect outlet for this.  Let me make it clear, it’s not a ballad, there are heavy guitars and solos but it’s not a track that will rip your face off and steal your drink!  It’s more like a mate taking you to the pub and buying you a drink before consuming the dirtiest curry available on the High Street… Generally known as a damn good time!

The last track on the EP, ‘Head Heavy’, returns to the ferocious, face ripping pace and heaviness of the earlier tracks. It’s brutal in its relentless pace and energy, with the trademark heaviness and the twin attack guitar solos. It’s the perfect way to end the EP.

I’ve seen Godsized referred to as the British answer to Black Label Society and from this you can easily see why. The hooks, the vocals, the leads breaks and of course the facial hair are similar but they are undoubtedly their own original entity and without the growing number of soppy ballads that Zakk Wylde and the boys have been churning out lately!

Godsized have announced the release date for their follow up EP, “The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave”, as 17th September 2010 and an EP launch show has been scheduled for that very night at the 100 Club in London. That’s two reasons to make you happy right there!

Godsized – MySpace page