Since the release of their second EP, “The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave” and the news that they will be the main support band for the upcoming Black Label Society tour early in 2011, we were really looking forward to seeing Godsized playing again at Eddies Bar in Birmingham and treating us to some of the new songs live. Alongside of them on the bill were the mighty Belligerence and a local band Seventh Horizon.

The first support act was local metal band Seventh Horizon, despite full marks for effort and their loyal fan base being there in numbers, we found them a little flat, musically; never the less, they certainly got their fans going.

Next up were Belligerence, hailing from Portsmouth and London. This was our first encounter with Belligerence and we were really impressed. Specializing in no frills metal: no effects and nothing over the top, back to basics metal, a cross between The Almighty and Rollins Band with a slice of Down thrown in for good measure, and we loved it. They played a great set including tracks from both of their EPs including ʻA Breaking Dawnʼ, ʻRemember Who Put You Thereʼ, ʻInner Realmʼ and ʻFreedomʼ. A really good set and a band to watch out for if you like no frills, balls out metal.

After another Jack Daniels (straight, no ice) it had finally come to the moment we had been waiting for, Godsized were up next. Godsized opened with ʻWalking Awayʼ and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off their set for the evening. They followed with the title track from their latest EP, ʻThe Phoney Tough & The Crazy Braveʼ. You canʼt help but be dragged into this song, starting with a fast drums, straight into a harsh, and yet catchy, riff. An immense guitar solo by Neil Fish ensued soon after some great vocals by Glenn Korner.

ʻBrothers in Armsʼ was heavy, heavy indeed, and so loud it almost blew our heads off, being two feet from the PA speakers but that is one of the many reasons why we love Godsized! Rapid and technically brilliant guitar work and added to some powerful beats on drums make Godsized one of the best live bands around at the moment. Other highlights included ʻFight and Surviveʼ, ʻHead Heavyʼ and ʻBleed on the Insideʼ. As a treat, we were given a new song that doesn’t appear on the either of their EPs, Bounty Hunter, and what a great track! We cannot wait for it to be released! With their debut album in the pipeline, we hope it makes it onto it!

A fantastic evening for everyone there; and if you weren’t you should have been!

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