Furyon - GravitasBrighton’s Furyon are making quite a name for themselves at the moment in the underground metal community with their unique and contemporary sound. They have been criss-crossing the country bringing their live shows to as many people as they can and with forthcoming shows at Bloodstock, Mammoth Fest and Hard Rock Hell IV, 2010 is shaping up to be a good year for Furyon!

Furyon are described as “Delivering huge rock radio friendly songs, with technically challenging, yet infectiously catchy musicianship. Dedicated to one sole purpose, making hard hitting songs that will stand the test of time.” Their debut album “Gravitas” is testament to this philosophy…

“Gravitas” opens with the immense ‘Disappear Again’ a powerful heavy rock song with one of the finest lead breaks I have heard in a long time! The double edged solos of Chris Green and Pat “The Shred” Heath set the standard very early on the record… A standard that never drops throughout the record!

‘Stand Like Stone’ is a phenomenal rock song, with big hooky riffs and Matt Mitchell’s huge vocals! ‘Souvenirs’ continues with the catchy riffs and has a soaring chorus with another stunning guitar solo. ‘Don’t Follow’ is a beast of a track, again highlighting the immense vocal talents Matt Mitchell. ‘New Way of Living’ begins with a journey on the lighter side of Furyon but it’s not long until the meaty riffs kick in before finally settling into something a little more melodic and a chorus you’ll soon find yourself humming along to!

The Bluesy Rock feel to ‘Voodoo Me’, shows yet another side to Furyon. ‘Fear Alone’ is heavier than a blue whale’s scrotum, an absolute monster! ‘Wasted On You’ quickens the tempo and has a touch real old school rock about it with more great guitar solos and another catchy chorus. ‘Our Peace Someday’ could almost be called a ballad, again Matt Mitchell’s vocals are immense, as is the guitar solo! The album finishes with ‘Desert Suicide’, a prog rock epic highlighting not only the bands talents but also their song writing abilities.

The album was recorded in Atlanta with renowned producer Rick Beato who has also produced the likes of Shinedown and Fozzy. Furyon completely self financed the recording and distribution of “Gravitas”, which leads to the question as to how such a talented band can remain unsigned after producing such a stunning album? It is a complete mystery to me…

“Gravitas” is a stunning debut album. From start to finish the intensity is relentless, leaving you both gasping for breath and asking for more! If you love your metal full of catchy riffs, powerful vocals and guitar solos that are a match for anyone out there, then “Gravitas” is a must buy for you!

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