Fallen Fate - RevenganceHailing from the North East of England, Fallen Fate have been steadily growing a fan base since their inception in 2005. Over the past few years they have been criss-crossing the UK playing countless shows that has culminated in an appearance at the 2010 Download Festival and being short-listed along with two other bands, ahead of hundreds of the UK’s brightest talents, to open the main stage at the 2010 Damnation FestivalFallen Fate have drawn influence from early Thrash metal and from the New Wave of American Metal, added with their own personal styles they deliver a unique mix of fast, technical riffs, pounding beats and ferocious vocals.

2010 has been a roller-coaster ride for the Fallen Fate boys, from the highs of the Download Festival appearance to the lows of parting company with their former vocalist. Fallen Fate returned to the stage recently after a short hiatus in search of their new vocalist. As it turns out they didn’t have to look very far as guitarist Lee Skinner stepped up to the plate to add the vocal duties to his guitar duties and by all accounts it has been a natural transition.

Fallen Fate have self-released  their “Revengance” EP, the 5-track record has gained a lot of positive feedback from fans and critics alike as well as airings on Online and FM radio stations including a slot on Bruce Dickinson’s rock show on Radio 1!

“Revengance” kicks off with ‘They Must Fall’, an atmospheric build up is brought to an abrupt end by the guitars and drums. Oozing with pure energy the onslaught begins as the vocals begin, there’s a heavy groovecore feel to the track, reminiscent of US metallers Lamb Of God. The track breaks down after the initial assault, the tempo dropping for a short while giving a brief moment of respite before the onslaught begins again.

‘Pendulum’ follows on next and it is faster and more brutal than ‘They Must Fall’ with more of a thrash feel to it, although the groove is still there. There is a hint of more recent Exodus to it, which is no bad thing. The last couple of minute are laden with hooks that are guaranteed to get your head banging, if it is not already!

‘Bleed Your Concequence’ starts off with an atmospheric beginning with the drums pounding underneath, if sounds almost Megadeth like in its construction. The guitar work is stunning the riffs and solos from Lee Skinner and James Stephenson are immense. As the track progresses the groove returns, this time it is beyond infectious… every part of you will be banging, not just your head!

‘Asphyxihate’ is a beast! The pace is relentless, the riffs are huge, the vocals are menacing and the drums are ferocious… There is a heavy slice of Lamb Of God about this track and more than a hint of Exodus too. There is no let up in intensity as the track progresses, in anything it gets more intense. Again, the solos are phenomenal and even during them the pace is frenetic! It’s only during the final minute that pace drops and the neck snapping head banging begins!

‘The Suffering’ highlights the more melodic side of Fallen Fate. The introduction is akin to something by Metallica of the late 80’s. The melodic introduction doesn’t last too long as the assault begins. The pace is a little sedate to begin with but that too doesn’t last, it isn’t long before the frenetic face-ripping tempo returns. The melodic riffs return towards the end of the track before it is replaced by one last full on assault!

“Revengance” is seriously a good EP. It highlights just what treasures can be found in the UK underground metal scene. It is well worth a listen and if you get the chance to see Fallen Fate play live, grab it with both hands.

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