Cyclamen - Dreamers 2010Cyclamen the Tech Metal “Djent” superstars, spearheaded by Hayato Imanishi, the insanely talented multi-instrumentalist, return with ‘Dreamers 2010 EP’.

What began as a solo project in a bedroom in London has quickly become the monster phenomena that is Cyclamen, with esteemed artists such as Mikee Goodman of SikTh and Travis Orbin, ex‐Periphery, working on the project at various stages.

‘Never Ending Dream’ is short but perfectly formed, the trademark Djent riffs are flying around along with the twin attack clean and screaming vocals, but there is a lot more to it than that… Even though it is only just over three minutes in length ‘Never Ending Dream’ manages to show the immense technical proficiency and diversity of the band. You cannot help but sing along even though, unless of course you speak Japanese, you have absolutely no idea what the words are, or mean!

Cyclamen‘Djent Djent’ is exactly that, a three minute djourney into what the band are all about… technical doubled edged guitar attacks, soaring riffs and all that without any vocals at all!

‘Forgotten Sky’ is the antithesis of ‘Djent Djent’, structured, calm and completely mesmerizing! It’s still complex and technical but maintains a chilled attitude, even when the screaming vocals overlay the clean vocals late in the track!

Cyclamen are clearly at the forefront of the Djent uprising and thoroughly deserve to be there.

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