Colonel Blast - For The Greater GoodHave you ever seen footage of astronauts in training, riding in the G simulator, their faces rippled and contorted from the generated G forces? I can now exclusively reveal that they are not actually astronauts but are, in fact, sound engineers and record company executives in a special booth designed for the sole purpose of listening to the debut Colonel Blast record, For the Greater Good!  Without such a booth they would have simply become large red smears on the walls in whichever room they happened to be in when they hit the play button.

Thankfully, there is no longer a need for the specially designed booth in order to listen to the ear-splittingly stunning debut by Colonel Blast. It should play just fine on whatever device you have in whatever room you are in. However, make sure you have a couple of spare faces with you before you launch into the album. I’ve had at least five faces ripped off just listening to the opening track, “Ethical Betrayal”.

Colonel BlastTo call Colonel Blast brutal is doing them a disservice, I’m not sure there is a word that can do justice to their sound… I thought of making up new words like ferotal or brutocious but even they didn’t quite have the desired impact and sound more like embarrassing medical conditions! So, let’s just say it’s heavier than a bull elephant’s nut sack the week before mating season…

Colonel Blast’s sound is quite unique but you can definitely hear influences of Carcass and Converge throughout For the Greater Good which for me is a huge plus! I’m perhaps being a little bold here to say that Colonel Blast are a little more diverse than Carcass and a bit more accessible than Converge but I believe it’s true. Stand out tracks from the record are “Ethical Betrayal”, “Management Coat Competition” and “Blofeld Never Died”.

For the Greater Good is a great debut offering but it’s not perfect, it may be my own aversion to piccolo snares but at times the snare is far too prominent or just too high pitched for the sound scape.  It in no way lessens the impact of the record or detract from the overall sound but my own personal taste is for a snare with a little more… girth!

Colonel Blast’s For the Greater Good is a 30 minute roller-coaster ride without a safety harness or brakes that will leave wanting to ride it again and again!

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