Cataract - Killing the EternalThe Swiss are renowned for their precision when it comes to clocks, knowledge about all things financial and, of course, they make delicious chocolate but one thing Switzerland is not known for is producing face-ripping metal! However, for the last decade Zurich based metallers, Cataract have been forging a name for themselves with live shows throughout Europe and across the US playing alongside bands such as Biohazard, Caliban, Most Precious Blood, Nora, Entombed, Hatebreed, Machine Head, Napalm Death, Slayer, Unearth, Sepultura, Soulfly and Killswitch Engage to name but a few.

Cataract have been on the road almost constantly since their debut release “Golem” in 2000, only pausing to write and record new material for their subsequent releases. Cataract joined forces with Metal Blade in 2004 which saw the release of their third album “With Triumph Comes Loss” to nothing but acclaim.

Despite the setbacks of band members leaving in 2007, the band continued to fulfil their schedule. After a brief period of down time Cataract returned to the fray with new band members and a new found enthusiasm. That enthusiasm was channelled into writing and recording their sixth full length studio album, “Killing The Eternal”.

From the opening bars of ‘Never’ it is clear the Cataract are not here to mess around. The immense metalcore sound bursts from the speakers. The relentless dual guitar attack and hardcore growl vocals immediately grab your attention! The transition to more melodic metalcore is virtually seamless, as is the return to the hardcore onslaught!

Cataract‘Lost Souls’ drops them tempo from the outset, the beginning is not about ripping your face off but more to do with creating torment in your brain as the maniacal guitars and vocals collide! As if that isn’t enough, the face-ripping then begins… only interrupted briefly for the occasional neck-snapping beatdown. ‘Reap the Outcasts’ lulls you into a false sense of security with its bouncy yet menacing intro before all hell is unleashed. The hardcore feels to this track is brutal with heavy undertones of Unearth and hints of Hatebreed. The beatdown at the end of the track is another neck snapper; you’d have to be dead not to feel that one!

The title track ‘Killing the Eternal’ begins with a melodic, almost gentle introduction before steadily mutating into a beast with its palm-muted guitars and pounding double bass beats! The pace is relentless for ‘Failed’; it explodes from the dying embers of ‘Killing the Eternal’. There is a mix of styles here, definite hints of Hatebreed and more than a side order of Stampin’ Ground!

‘Urban Waste’ keeps the tempo at breakneck speed, with another huge serving of face-melting hardcore on offer! The introduction to ‘Mankinds Burden’ is a brief respite from the head pummelling hardcore. The haunting atmospheric build-up belies the brutal track that is about to emerge from it. ‘Hollow Steps’ has an altogether different feel to it, it’s almost Fear Factory like at the beginning before morphing into a more subtle hardcore track. Fear Factory’s influence raises its head later in the track too. ‘Drain Murder and Loss’ sheds recent influences and delivers a bruising metalcore track, complete with a break down that will have your head banging in seconds!

‘The Faith You have Misused’ drops the tempo again but not the menace. This bruising track leads its way through the maelstrom, culminating in one of the few leads breaks on the album. ‘Black Ash’ continues the slower, more menacing feel. Despite briefly speeding up through the verse the track reverts back to the beatdown to great effect. ‘Spawned by Illusions (Bonus)’ is brutal, is begins with a heavy riff and drum combo before dipping into a more beatdown style verse but still retaining some of the tempo and power. ‘Allegory to a Dying World’ slaps you in the face with its punk like introduction that is heavy on the bass, setting the tone and tempo for the rest of the song.

Cataract have been forging their sound for well over a decade and know how to put together an album. There are moments in the middle, however, that do seem to lose the impetuous of the early tracks but that doesn’t detract too much from what is overall a damn good record!

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