Blue Gillespie - SynesthesiaNewport’s Blue Gillespie are a progressive metal band, formed in November 2007, who take influence from artists such as Meshuggah, Tool, Portishead and Down, along with many others. Taking these influences they have steadily developed their own style of music which is ‘aimed at music fans of all ages who are dissatisfied or have some pessimistic demons to exorcise’.

The concept behind the band name originates from the idea that there is a dark alter-ego within us all with its influence felt in all aspects of our psyche. With music being the ideal way for this alter-ego to air its malevolence, the band describes it as:

Gillespie is the name of the band’s collective evil alter-ego. The lyrics are his mind, the bass is his foot, the guitar is his hand and the drum his heart. Given a live platform Blue Gillespie invites an audience to join in this release of negativity through sludgy epic riffs, brutal intricate beats, and aggressive bluesy vocal lines and on the spectators’ part, sweaty relentless head banging.

Blue Gillespie released their first EP ‘Cave Country 1’, back in 2008 which was soon followed by ‘Cave Country 2’ in 2009. The response to these releases was overwhelming, giving the band “focus and discipline” when entering the studio to record their first full length release “Synesthesia”.

Blue Gillespie“Synesthesia” opens with the heavy monster ‘Beat Oven’, with Gillespie well and truly introducing himself to the world! ‘Sugarglass’ is no less heavy and just as menacing with a more up tempo pace, within which there are moments of Tool-esque harmony. ‘Skinned’ is a storming tune, relentless pace and aggression through the verses, interspersed with brief moments of calm before the storm returns! ‘Wiff’ is a dirty blues rock number, highlighting the diversity in the song writing.

‘Growsome’ is haunting, slow paced, jagged edged metal. Gareth David-Lloyd’s vocals are immense in this track, a seriously powerful performance! ‘Making Sound’ shows of Blue Gillespie’s lighter side, a down tempo melancholic ballad building to heavy crescendo. ‘Tripout’ is a sprawling prog rock track, five minutes wandering through the chaotic mind of Gillespie… ‘Black Waltz’ continues the progressive theme, another meandering journey through Gillespie’s tumult!

‘Fingered’ brings a metal edge to the progressive journey before ‘The Fergal’ takes over with its melancholy rock feel. ‘Paradox’ is a prog rock epic, albeit in less than three minutes… ‘Time Knot’ rounds of the album, gone is the progressive feel, back is the in your face, balls out metal! Gillespie’s last vitriolic outburst, for now…

“Synesthesia” is a stunning debut record. Blue Gillespie are a band with immense potential, all the ingredients are in place for them to cement their place in the British music scene!

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