Black Circles - Little GirlBlack Circles, a three-piece Alternative Pop Rock band from Chatham, Kent, serve up their latest single ‘Little Girl’. From the outset it is clear that the trio have talent and song writing ability. However, on the first play of ‘Little Girl’ I wasn’t totally convinced by it, but after a few more spins it began to grow on me.

The up tempo beat reminds me of Velvet Revolver with a dash of Queens Of The Stone Age on the side. It has that summer vibe about it, happy and upbeat with catchy hooks and a sing-along chorus that is wholly reminiscent of the kings of the happy summer tune, Supergrass!

At a little under three minutes long there is not a lot to help define a solid opinion but there is certainly enough to make you want to discover more of their music… A quick trip to their MySpace page and you will discover a couple more tracks.

Black Circles – MySpace page