Basick Records 5th Birthday PartyBasick Records celebrated their fifth birthday in style by putting on a show with bands from their roster Chimp Spanner, Between The Screams and Monuments as well as a headlining guest appearance from TesseracT. Basick opened the doors to 300 of their fans and friends to join them for the celebration.

The anticipation was growing as the crowd began to congregate outside the University of Bedfordshire Student Union. Many of them had arrived early in order to secure their wristband as entry was strictly limited to 300. As the light began to fade the gates opened and the celebration got under way!

Nobody knew what to expect when Chimp Spanner took to the stage for their first ever live show, the album “At The Dream’s Edge” had blown us away earlier this year, but how would the vision of multi-instrumentalist, Paul Antonio Ortiz translate to the live stage with a full contingent of musicians. Having the guys from Monuments as your band goes a long way to allay any fears and as soon as the first notes were played the remaining doubts vanished. The whole set from start to finish was immense and hearing ‘Supererogation’ and ‘Bad Code’ live were particular highlights!

Between The Screams took to the stage next, perhaps it was because the crowd were still stunned from the Chimp Spanner set but Between The Screams never really seemed to get the crowd going. They put on a good set and wowed the die-hards at the barrier and were well received by all but there seemed to be a spark missing.

Monuments on the other hand had sparks by the truck load, they exploded onto the stage with energy and verve that was utterly contagious. Within seconds of them starting the crowd was going crazy, the bar had emptied and it was a mile deep at the barrier. The surprise of the evening was to see Paul Ortiz (Chimp Spanner) guesting on second guitar for Monuments, making the show just that bit more special.

Headlining the Basick Birthday Bash were TesseracT, who were celebrating not only Basick’s birthday but also their recent signing to Century Media. News had spread around that lead singer Dan Tompkins had taken ill and wouldn’t be performing. However, in the time honoured tradition, the show must go on… TesseracT still played the whole of their Concealing Fate EP, instrumental style with the crowd occasionally filling in on the vocals! With having Chimp Spanner on the same bill the instrumental set didn’t seem out of place. Although they sounded bloody good as an instrumental act we wish Dan a speedy recovery and a quick return to the fold!

There was a final moment on stage for Basick founder ‘Barley’ where he thanked the bands and the fans for being the reason that Basick Records is what it is today, we would like to add to that all the hard work put in by all the team at Basick has helped make them one of the best labels around. And what birthday celebration would be complete without the obligatory cake, duly given the Barley at the end of his speech.

Our hats are off to the Basick team or putting on such an amazing show and all of it for free. It’s really refreshing in these days of take, take, take that Basick Records saw fit to give back to the fans and open up for their birthday celebrations. We sincerely hope that we will be celebrating with Basick Records in another five years on their 10th birthday!

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