When five musically like minded Russians happened to meet up in Prague in September 2008, Apostate was formed. They chose the name Apostate as a name to match their desire to create new music, forming their own path rather than merely following the masses and copying the mainstream blueprints. The result is an epic blend of heavy riffs, atmospheric technical melodies and a raw enthusiasm that defies categorisation.

The two years following their formation Apostate have been on caught up in a whirlwind, writing new material, hitting the road with their new songs and it wasn’t long before they hit the studio to record their first EP “Traits”. Apostate’s name and reputation quickly spread across Prague and the Czech Republic, leading to shows across the country playing with bands like A Plea For Purging, Texas In July, War From A Harlot’s Mouth, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Yashin, Billy The Kid, Salt The Wound, Here Comes The Kraken and Show Your Teeth.

In June 2010, Apostate hit the studio again to record their follow up EP “Seaborne”. This EP captured where Apostate were at both musically and lyrically, the resulting sound was quite different from the first EP. “Seaborne” was mixed and mastered in the UK at Mangled Audio in Manchester.

“Seaborne” begins with the atmospheric instrumental introduction; ‘Paragraph’ with Acoustic guitars playing over a storm sets the scene. Heavy guitars slowly build up in the background before reaching the crescendo and unleashing the next track, ‘Omit The Words’ from the ensuing chaos. Fast, pounding drums accompanied by heavy intricate riffs introduce the real Apostate; the result is heavy, in your face technical metal. After a brief breakdown the onslaught continues as the vocals join in the cacophony. There is no let up in the brutality, even as the guitars go from chunky riffs to intricate leads breaks the menace is still there. The beatdown that ends the track is truly immense and seriously infectious!

‘False Footsteps’ continues where ‘Omit The Words’ left off with a heavy staccato rhythm that is reminiscent of Meshuggah. The ingenious mix of pounding drums, heavy riffs and lead runs works perfectly with the vocals. Apostate return to their more melodic side a couple of minutes into the track, acoustic guitars over a military marching drum beat leading into an atmospheric  build up that finally gives way to an almighty onslaught. Another neck snapping beatdown end the track adding the fury.

‘Numbers are Going Down’ increases the already fast tempo, the brutality is also doubled, the only respite comes from the brutal beatdowns that will have you banging your head along with them. The melody returns towards the end of the track, highlighting once again the technical ability of the band.

The EP is rounded off with ‘Raised on the Blood of Heroes’ with an introduction that hints back at the storms in the opener, ‘Paragraph’ tying the EP together. A slow measured build up with menacing guitars over the slow pounding drums is soon joined by the abrasive vocals. Intricate guitar sweeps flow effortlessly over the top of the pounding drums. The pace remains pretty constant throughout the track making it feel more menacing. A blastbeat accompanied beatdown marks the beginning of the final phase of the track; complete with gang shouts over the top of it creates a wall of sound that eventually gives way to acoustic guitars, piano and for one last time, thunder storms.

“Seaborne” is a truly immense EP, heavy as hell and more technical than a NASA briefing! From the very first play we loved it and have been playing constantly ever since. If you like your music heavy and technical but a little different than the rest then give Apostate a try, you will not regret it!

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