Amia Venera Landscape EPDiscovering great new music is a passion here at TINAS Towers, we get endless amounts of EPs, albums and demos through the door and occasionally buried within them is a true gem. The “Amia Venera Landscape EP” from Italian outfit Amia Venera Landscape is one of those gems!

Amia Venera Landscape are a six-piece band formed in Vittorio Veneto in northern Italy during 2007 and quickly began to make a name for themselves within the Italian alternative scene. Shows alongside bands such as Underoath, The Dillinger Escape Plan and August Burns Red, amongst others, accelerated their rise, ultimately leading them to the studio to record the “Amia Venera Landscape EP”.

Amia Venera Landscape are one of Italy’s brightest prospects, a mix of brutal metalcore, tech metal, ambient and even a slice of djent thrown in for good measure! From the very first play of the “Amia Venera Landscape EP” it was clear that these boys have something very special…

Amia Venera LandscapeThe 3-track EP kicks off with ‘My Hands Will Burn First’ starts off with a brutality that sets the scene immediately before a beautifully crafted ambient/post hardcore breakdown emerges from it. The trident guitar attack of Marco Berton, Giacomo Dell’ Orco and Enrico Uliana is simply stunning, as is the back-line of Michele Dalla Mora on bass and the drumming of Simone Pellegrini.

‘Nichòlas’ is the stand out track from the EP, an 8 minute epic that encapsulates everything that is good about the band. Tech metal off beat riffs interspersed with clean breakdowns, the faceoff between Marco Berton’s clean and Alessandro Brun’s screaming vocals and the mother of all ambient interludes that truly has to be heard to be believed.

The EP concludes with ‘Glances’, the mixture of tech metal riffs and clean breaks are evident again and they really know how to put them together to make a great tune. After the brutal beginning you find yourself being enveloped by the melodic guitar harmonies with reminders of the brutality never too far away…

The “Amia Venera Landscape EP” is a brilliant record, there is something in each of the tracks that grabs you and leaves you wanting more. There are rumours of an album in the near future, we sincerely hope that these rumours are true!

Amia Venera Landscape – MySpace page