The end of the week had finally arrived, one which taken an age as we were really looking forward to Friday night’s show. The show in question was Alexisonfire at Rock City in Nottingham. Having been a huge fan of theirs since hearing a couple of tracks on a sampler CD in the early 00’s, we couldn’t wait to see them live again. The last time we saw them was as part of the 2009 Eastpak Antidote Tour alongside Anti-flag, Four Year Strong and The Ghost of A Thousand. That show was off the scale so we were excitedly anticipating another mind-blowing gig! This time around Alexisonfire were sharing the stage with Leeds alternative metal quartet Chickenhawk and Devon’s own rockabilly blues punkers, The Computers.

The Computers took to the stage all dressed in white skinny jeans, untucked white shirts and rockabilly quiffs. This was the last night of the tour and they were determined to enjoy it! The crowd was relatively small, although it was early they seemed to start feed off the energy of The Computers, in particular front man Alex, who was spending more time on the barrier with the crowd than on the stage. By the end of the set Alex was on doing a tour of Rock City, playing the guitar and dragging the mic stand with him everywhere he went! The Computers were a new band for us; we’d heard the name but not the music so they were an unknown quantity. What we know now is that they are a very good young band with lots of energy in their live performance and no shortage of tunes either.

The next band on were Chickenhawk, dressed in all black in stark contrast to the previous band. Whereas The Computers were determined to make the last show of the tour one to remember, it seemed that Chickenhawk were suffering from the rigours of a tour and looked tired. As the set progressed they managed to shake off the lethargy and the ever-growing crowd responded by jumping around some more. Chickenhawk were another new band for us, while their set was tight and well performed they didn’t leave us with the same lasting impression that The Computers had. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and will see them again soon and hopefully we will see the real Chickenhawk that we’ve heard lots about.

Now for the band we have been waiting for, Alexisonfire! The room was now packed to the rafters after all the tickets had been sold. The cheer rose as the lights dimmed and the introductory music began. Dallas Green and the boys entered the stage and opened up with ‘Young Cardinals’, Alexisonfire had arrived and the crowd went ballistic, singing along with every word! ‘Mailbox Arson’ and ‘Boiled Frogs’ followed on quickly afterwards, again to the rapturous delight of the crowd. There were no team colours on display for Alexisonfire but bassist Chris Steele was sporting one hell of a moustache in support of Movember! ‘Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints’ was next, followed by ‘We Are The Sound’, with the crowd again doing its best to be heard over the PA, and succeeding! Alexisonfire themselves were indeed on fire now, clearly enjoying themselves through ‘Old Crows’ and ‘Rough Hands’. Up next was ‘Sons of Privilege’, closely followed by the title track from their latest EP, ‘Dog’s Blood’, for which they were joined on-stage by a mystery vocalist, perhaps a member of their road crew, to help out. The dying to notes of ‘Dog’s Blood’ morphed into the opening notes of the crowd favourite ‘This Could Be Anywhere in the World’ to which the crowd hit the ceiling, bouncing like they’d never bounced before and singing every word at the top of their voices.

The encore began with another mystery performance, again with a member of the road crew. This time on leads vocals, albeit a high pitched scream! It was all good fun and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. The encore proper began with ‘The Northern’ and was rounded off with a huge rendition of ‘Accidents’. Alexisonfire clearly enjoyed the last night of the tour as did the entire crowd. In the euphoria of the show we have missed tracks from the set but I’m sure you get the feeling from the review that it was an amazing set, and it was! We too enjoyed every minute of it and truly cannot wait to see Alexisonfire live again soon…