ACODA - Finding Your FeetPart of the burgeoning UK metal underground, Northamptonshire’s melodic post-hardcore quartet, ACODA, release their their new single ‘Finding Your Feet’ through Small Town Records on 27th September 2010.

Since their inception in 2008, ACODA have lived up to their mission of writing great songs with absolute integrity, which has seen them with two self-releases already firmly behind them. Backing this up with almost constant touring across Europe and the UK alongside bands such as Devil Sold His Soul, Deaf Havana, The Casino Brawl and Bleed From Within has led to them being tipped for stardom by many in the music press.

‘Finding Your Feet’ begins with a stunning melodic dual guitar attack, within seconds the vocals kick in and you know from that instant these boys mean business! The melodies and clean vocal harmonies briefly give way to a powerful bout of screaming, backed up with dirty riffs and beats. However, the melodies soon return as the song progresses, the guitars flowing and the vocals soaring from band member to band member, forever lead by the brilliant Damon Tang. ‘Finding Your Feet’ reaches a crescendo in the final sixty seconds as the clean melodies, the harsh screams and heavy riffs hit head on, the resulting aftermath is truly pleasing to the ears.

Watch this behind the scenes video of the ‘Finding Your Feet’ video-shoot.

The “B-side” on the single ‘Paint By Numbers’ is by far a heavier beast, there is no delicate introduction here, just simply straight into a full on brutal attack. The onslaught continues but there are hints of the melodic guitar riffs in the background before the track breaks down into a slower, more haunting melodic period but with the heaviness present throughout.

‘Finding Your Feet’ is a great single and if these two tracks are a hint of what is to come from their, as yet, untitled album then we are in for a seriously good treat! Do yourselves a favour and catch ACODA at a show near you this autumn with Among Wolves and Never Cry Wolf.

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