Ok, so on Sunday I went to Download Festival 2009 on my own, my sister didn’t want to go and I nearly blew it off too but I am so glad i didn’t!  I tried to get there in time to see Black Stone Cherry but the traffic was awful (I left an hour later than the previous days) so I missed them and headed to the second stage and caught God Forbid, they were awesome! I’ve seen their name around for years but never really heard them before, they were amazing!

Then came Sevendust, another band I have liked for years and never seen live before! I was grinning all the way through the show! Then I went for a bit of a wander, before today I had pretty much stayed at the stages and not seen much else of the site so I wandered for a couple of hours, met up with the guy I used to work with and had a good chin wag with him for a while!  I caught a bit of Volbeat, a band I have never heard of, but liked what I heard! Then I headed for the 3rd stage to see Steel Panther….. I had seen their video on Scuzz TV and it made me smile so i thought I would check them out, I wasn’t disappointed! There were huge posters all around the site for them with the headline ” We f**ked your mom in the 80’s!” I think that pretty much sums them up! An 80’s throw back glam heavy metal band but with a tongue in cheek comedy repertoire! You have to listen to them! So god damn funny!

After the Panther I went back to the 2nd stage just as Buckcherry were finishing off, not really my thing but they put on a good show. Then Papa Roach came on, another one of the bands I’ve liked forever!!!  I think I have seen them before but they were awesome, played all the favourites, I was singing to them all! lol I left after that and was smiling all the way back to the car thinking how awesome the weekend had been and that I was definitely going next year! (If the line-up is good!)