Download Festival 2009 Saturday started off with Five Finger Death Punch – they were amazing, I have their CD so was looking forward to seeing them live and I wasn’t disappointed! A great way to start the day off! Then came DevilDriver again I was really looking forward to seeing them, I have 4 of their CDs, good dirty metal!  During their set they were trying to break a world record for the largest circle pit…. man it was insane, must have been 100 yards across with thousands of people running around! Following them were Hatebreed!!!! I love this band, straight up, no mess East Coast Hardcore! They were brutal and I loved it!

Then it was time for Down, man I have waited years to see these guys….. I was blown away by them! Phil Anselmo last time I saw him was overweight had long greasy nasty hair and looked at deaths door but this weekend he looked 20 years younger and was back to his awesome best! I took too many pics and the battery ran flat!!! Then it was time for Pendulum, they were OK but have been a little over-hyped!

After that we headed across to the 2nd stage and saw Chris Cornell do a solo set, it was a mixture of his own tracks, some Audioslave and a couple of Soundgarden songs thrown in too! I really enjoyed it, another blast from the past! Then following him were The Prodigy, there set was totally amazing, another band that I have loved for years and years and finally I saw them live…..  I will definitely try and catch them live again pretty damn soon!

Finally, we headed back to the main stage and caught the last hour of the Slipknot show….. they were awesome, I saw them in 2000 just after they released their first record and thought that show was good but this one was infinitely better, they really know how to put on a good show, complete with the drums being raised up then moving into the vertical position and then started revolving clockwise all whilst still playing… by this time I was exhausted and was glad to head home after the day was done…  An awesome, awesome day!!!