Ok, so it’s 2 weeks since the Download Festival 2009 but it has taken me this long to put into words the amazing, amazing weekend that it was…

The anticipation had been building for a good few weeks beforehand helped in no small part my me dear sister who would remind me at every given moment that we she would be seeing Mike Patton again… I’m no much of a camper so we commuted every day, living less than 10 miles away from the site it was easy to do so and after talking to one of my friends who was camping it was actually quicker for me to get home than for them to walk to their tent! heh heh!

So, Download 2009 kicked off with Hollywood Undead, i’d seen one of their tracks on Scuzz TV and thought it was OK so I was quite eager to see their set. The first song they played was indeed “Undead” but,unfortunately, that one was a highlight… I think my analogy was “New Kids On the Block” in masks but not as good!” Still, the show had just begun.

Then followed The Blackout, an emo/pop/metal band from Wales. Again all I knew of them was from seeing their videos on Scuzz and Kerrang TV, they had kind of passed me by on TV but showed great energy and technical proficiency in their set and put on a good show. They played a medley of songs as a tribute to Limp Bizkit, Korn and Faith No More who were following them later on the main stage!

So began 8 hours of music from some of my all-time favourite bands…. first up were Staind, so much energy, each song they played was a highlight, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to see them live! Next up were Billy Talent, they guys are right up there in the top 3 of my current favourite bands! Ben was bouncing around the stage with energy than a 5 year old pepped up on red bull and Pro-Plus! Ian’s guitar playing just blew me away… Awesome band! After that Killswitch Engage exploded on stage, so powerful, non-stop metal mayhem with a side on humour…. Adam Dutkiewicz dressed in a Mexican wrestler’s mask and a superman style golden cape! Howard Jones’ voice is just as powerful live as it is on cd!

Then it was time to turn the clock back….. I was like a 15 year old again…. Limp Bizkit burst onto the stage straight into “Break Stuff” and it continued from there with “He said She said”, “Nookie”, “My Generation”, “Rollin’”, “Eat you alive”….. Wes Borland was back in the band and he was dressed like demonic parakeet….. Everything you’d expect from LB, a great show!

How about some Korn….. HELL YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!! There was only Jonathan, Fieldy and Munky left from the original band but the songs all sounded amazing. So many songs, so many memories, I have to admit in moments there was a tear in my eye, that must have been a sight as I am a 6’4” 17 stone shaven headed metaller! Thankfully, I was wearing sunglasses…. I finally got to see Jonathan’s famous H.R. Giger mic stand! Cool, where do I get one? Jonathan even played the bagpipes between tracks!

Hmmmm, ok so then it was time for FAITH NO MORE!!!!! I didn’t really know what to expect as this moment had been a long time coming, and as the band came out suited and booted they started playing a lounge tune, a minute or so later Mike Patton limped onto the stage dressed impeccably in a red suit and shirt with a cane in his hand in his unique special humorous way. So the lounge tune turned out to be “Reunited” by Peaches and Cream….. it all came clear! From that moment I had a lump in my throat and that tear in the corner of my eye again for the first hour of the show….. it was a surreal moment but i loved every minute of it! They burst straight into “The Real Thing”, “From Out Of Nowhere”, “Land Of Sunshine”, “Caffeine” and “Evidence”. The humour continued when they began to play “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga… heh heh! But it was just an introduction into “Chinese Arithmetic! The massive songs just came coming and coming….. “Surprise! You’re Dead!”, “Easy”, “Last Cup Of Sorrow”, “Midlife Crisis”, “Introduce Yourself”, “The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies”, “Take This Bottle”, “Ashes To Ashes”, “Malpractice”, “Cuckoo For Caca”, “Be Aggressive”, “Epic”, “Mark Bowen”. For the encore Roddy came back on and began to play “Chariots of Fire!”….., random yet somehow perfectly in place, which led into “Stripsearch” and finally “We Care A Lot”! The crowd wanted more, but alas that was our lot, the crowd was still buzzing with excitement as they reflected on what they had just witnessed on the long trudge back to the camp/car….. A seminal moment in my life…..