The show at Rock City, Nottingham started off early with ‘The Ghost of a Thousand’, hailing from Brighton,  hitting the stage at 6pm. Full of enthusiasm, high kicks and hairstyles Little Richard would be proud of, TGOAT are one of the brightest bands emerging at the moment. Front man Tom Lacey, delivers a confident performance playing the large crowd and even crowd surfing! The band is also on top form, guitarists Jag Jago and Andy Blyth throwing their axes and shapes with true style.  Gareth Spencer on the bass and Memby Jago on the drums both delivering awesome energetic performances. How could I write this without a mention of Memby Jago’s hair, it truly has to be seen to be believed, taken straight from Little Richard’s head!

‘Four Year Strong’ were up next coming on stage and playing a hardcore riff the great Hatebreed and Madball would be proud of but alas that was the highlight of their set as they proceeded to turn into Bowling for Soup!  That is a little harsh, I know, but after their brutal entrance they led me to expect something very, very different to what they gave.  However, what they did play was a very tight, energetic set and the crowd seemed to respond to that with a large number of them singing along with them!  A solid, energetic performance from the Massachusetts quintet.

‘Anti-Flag’ took to the stage next, a band I have listened to for a few years but never seen play live. I wasn’t disappointed. Justin Sane seemed a little subdued throughout the performance but Chris #2 more than made up for it. He was full of high-kicks, jumps and runs around the stage; he was like a 5 year old pepped up on Smarties and Red Bull!  Pat Thetic had the stage persona of someone on weekend release from Arkham Asylum! Chris Head delivered a seamless performance.  A great show from the boys and the crowd loved it too!

Then it was time for ‘Alexisonfire’.  I have waited years to see this band since I first picked up their self-titled album back in 2003. The anticipation rose as the stage light dimmed and the intro music began to play, the two minutes felt like an hour as the crowd waited….. Then it was show time, Alexisonfire exploded onto the stage with, the crowd went wild!  There was a good mix of songs from the new album “Old Crows/ Young Cardinals” and favourites from their previous releases.  Highlights from the set were “Heading for the Sun”, “Rough Hands”, “This could be anywhere in the world”, “Accidents”, “Accept Crime” and “Happiness by the Kilowatt”.  I’ve been to many shows this year but the performance from Alexisonfire was probably the best I have seen, not only this year but for many years!